SST6-RPB 6kW Soft Start Timer with Remote Pushbutton Input for Infrared Heating

The SST6-RPB is a fully weatherproof Soft Start Timer to control up to 6kW infrared and quartz halogen heating loads while prolonging the life of heating elements and reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.  Designed for remote activation this timer is equipped with low voltage terminals which are isolated from the mains to provide a safe connection for a remote pushbutton.

The SST Soft Start Timer is a fully weatherproof solution for controlling up to 6kW of electric heaters (such as infrared quartz halogen). It provides timed heat on demand delivering energy savings of up to 30%* by switching off automatically when unattended. The timer will also prolong the life of the heating elements through soft-start and soft-stop technology, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The SST6-RPB is operated by connecting any suitable momentary action switch (e.g. a push button or retractive rocker switch**) which delivers greater flexibility in the style and placement of controls.  When triggered, power is gradually applied to the heater over 3 seconds so avoiding large inrush currents and reducing stress to both the heating element and the electrical supply. The heater remains powered for the pre-set time period, set by an internal dial (fully adjustable from 5 to 60 minutes), before being automatically turned off in a similar manner.  The time delay may be reset at any point with a brief press of the pushbutton, or cancelled with a prolonged button press.

Designed for safety the remote switch connection terminals are low voltage and isolated from the mains supply.  This ensures that the control switch remains safe for use at all times.

The unit is designed for outdoor installation, rated to IP65 and housed in a robust high-quality polycarbonate enclosure. All connections are made through preinstalled cable glands, and wall mounting is achieved via pre-drilled holes in the enclosure which maintain its ingress protection rating.

The SST6-RPB can control a maximum load of 6kW and is supplied with 2 sets of integrated terminal blocks and cable glands for ease of installation. If more than two loads are to be connected to the timer this can be completed via a suitable junction box.

The 6kW Soft Start Timer is ideally suited to a number of applications, including retrofitting to existing equipment to achieve significant savings on energy usage and lamp replacement costs.  Typical applications include:

  • Agriculture and stabling
  • Outdoor event heaters
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Pub and beer gardens
  • Patio and gardens
  • Smoking shelters
  • Workshops
  • Warehouse infrared halogen heaters
  • Garages and hangers
  • Churches

* Based on typical usage estimates.

** Not supplied


Manufactured to order.

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