Easy to install and maintenance free duct humidistat

The Duct Humidistat monitors the air humidity level in HVAC ventilation ducts to switch loads of up to 10A at 250V AC. The DH-1 is ideally suited to the control of ventilation, humidification and de-humidification equipment; such as extract fans, boost controls, override controls, alarms, etc.

Our innovative Duct Humidistat design is simple to install and does not require any onsite calibration, helping to ensure labour and installation costs remain competitive.

The DH-1 features a high-accuracy digital sensor which delivers accurate and repeatable measurement to within 3% RH in non-condensing environments. The relative humidity setpoint is fully adjustable between 5% and 95% with an adjustable differential up to 10%. The humidistat does not require on-going maintenance or routine calibration, thus reducing building maintenance schedules and associated costs.

The duct humidistat delivers a volt-free changeover relay output to provide the flexibility of being able to control high or low voltage systems; such as the boost extraction in a heat recovery ventilation system. The unit continuously monitors the moisture in the air and will switch the relay (connected load e.g. dehumidifier, extract fan etc.) when the humidity exceeds the level pre-set by the installer or authorised user.

The humidity sensor is housed in a robust, corrosion-proof probe, delivering consistent accuracy and maintenance free operation. Available in standard probe lengths of 50mm or 196mm.

The DH-1 design allows for easy installation directly to the exterior of flat-sided ductwork using self-tapping screws. Quick, tidy and secure installation is achieved through the pre-installed cable gland in the base of the unit.

The DH-1 duct humidistat is also available with a 24V AC/DC power supply ideally suited to BMS control systems, heat recovery ventilation systems, alarm controls. Product code DH-1/24V ( Please state which probe length you require).

A range of duct thermostats are also available please visit mselectronics.co.uk for more information.

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