W-SBT Wireless Set-Back Thermostat + Timeout
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W-SBT Wireless Set-Back Thermostat + Timeout

Product Code: W-SBT

The W-SBT is a wireless, tamperproof solution to set-back thermostatic control which optimises energy consumption whilst maintaining comfortable temperatures. The installation of this unit can deliver savings of up to 40%* on heating bills.

The W-SBT comprises a wireless sensor module (W-SBT-S) and a wired control unit (W-SBT-C). It is an ideal solution for retro-fit applications as the two units communicate wirelessly with a range of up to 30m indoors, so eliminating the need to run cables through the building.

The W-SBT is fully configurable, normally operating as a wireless thermostat with the addition of the end user being able to temporarily ‘boost’ the temperature setpoint to a higher level for a predefined period when they so desire. The unit will automatically revert back to the lower temperature setpoint once the timeout period has expired.

All configuration controls are internally located inside the W-SBT-C control unit which is secured with tamperproof screws, so increasing the tamperproof nature of the system and leaving the bill payer with peace of mind that the heating system is being efficiently managed to minimise their energy bills. Full adjustment of the temperature ranges between 12°C and 26°C and the timeout of anything between 0.25 and 8 hours are possible using dials inside the W-SBT-C.

Both units share a unique digital identity code to ensure that they can communicate with each other whilst eliminating interference from neighbouring installations that may be within radio range.

The W-SBT-S is battery powered, which will typically last 4 to 6 years under normal operation before battery replacement is required. The W-SBT-C is mains powered with a voltage-free changeover relay output capable of switching loads of up to 10A at 250V AC (resistive).

Additional timeout periods and temperature ranges can be accommodated, please call sales for further information on our customisation service.

Typical applications:

• University halls
• Rental properties
• Community centres
• Offices

The W-SBT-C is supplied with raised countersunk pin-torx Tamperproof Screws, if you require standard slot head raised countersunk screws please make this clear at time of order.

* Figures are based on typical usage estimates and data provided by existing customers

Download product datasheet (1934Kb)

Product features:

  • 10 Amp switching capacity
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Energy-saving product
  • Money-saving product
  • Set-Back
  • Suitable for heating control
  • Tamper-proof features
  • Wireless control

£87.50 (ex. VAT)

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Power supply

220V – 240V AC 50Hz (live/neutral)

Output switch rating

10A, 250V AC (resistive)

Output switch type

Changeover relay (volt-free)

Temperature control

[high set-point]: +12°C to +26°C
[low set-point]: 0°C to 14°C below the high set-point

Temperature differential

±0.5°C fixed

Sensor accuracy


Sensor drift

±0.15°C over 5 years

Set-back timeout

0.25 hours to 8 hours

Battery (W-SBT-S)

CR2477 3V lithium cell
4 to 6 years typical life

Radio frequency

433MHz, ETSI EN 300 220 compliant


5 Years


[W-SBT-C]: 150g
[W-SBT-S]: 68g


[W-SBT-C]: 87mm x 87mm x 50mm
[W-SBT-S]: 80mm x 80mm x 22mm

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