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TDS2-L Time Delay Switch with LED indicator 2 Wire

Product Code: TDS2-L

The TDS2-L Time Delay Switch provides timed control for lighting, heating and ventilation loads. It is simple to install and does not require a mains Neutral connection and so can directly replace an existing light switch (providing the minimum load limit is satisfied).

The time delay switches are very easy to use; touching the touch-sensitive pushbutton with a finger will turn on the connected load. The load will be automatically switched off after the pre-selected delay has elapsed, or after the user cancels the function by momentarily holding their finger on the pushbutton. The time delay can be adjusted via an internal thumbwheel from 6 seconds to 60 minutes.  Other time delay periods are available upon request at time of purchase (3 seconds to 30 minutes, 12 seconds to 120 minutes).

The TDS2-L time lag switches are supplied with an illuminated touch-sensitive pushbutton to ensure that they are easily located in the dark. The LED turns off when the load is turned on.

All TDS time delay switches can be used for multi-way switching using TDS-S slave units which provide additional touch-sensitive pushbuttons.

The touch-sensitive pushbutton removes the presence of a mechanical pushbutton thereby making it vandal resistant, plus with the use of special fixing screws the unit can also be made tamperproof.

The TDS2 fits into all British Standard single-gang pattress boxes with a minimum depth of 20mm. Easy to install and operate it provides an accurate and cost effective solution to reducing energy consumption.

Ideal applications

  • Small booths or rooms
  • Garages
  • Entrance halls
  • Staircases
  • Toilets
  • Store cupboards
  • Hired sports courts and rooms

£31.25 (ex. VAT)

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