Soft Start Timers – Save 30%

Posted on 21st July 2019 by M.S. Electronics

We redesigned our popular E333 Soft Start Timer and created a range of controls to include remote switching and PIR inputs.  The SST Range of Soft Start Timers have been designed to control up to 6kW of external lighting or heating loads, such as infrared quartz halogen, they are rated to IP65 and housed in a robust high-quality polycarbonate enclosure.

Gradually applying power to the load over 3 seconds through the soft start/soft stop technology, the SST controllers extend the life of heating elements, reduce electrical system stresses, increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs.  An automatic timer in the pushbutton variants automatically turns the load off after a pre-set duration (fully adjustable between 5 and 60 minutes) to effortlessly reduces energy consumption by 30%*.

The range includes:


features an integral pushbutton to activate the unit, while an LED facilitates location of the pushbutton in the dark.  Idea for use in outdoor areas such as beer gardens and smoking shelters.





designed for remote activation this timer is equipped with low voltage terminals that are isolated from the mains to provide a safe connection for a remote pushbutton, whatever the location.  Ideal for locating out of sight with activation via a customised pushbutton.





remotely activated by a standard rocker switch, this unit will keep the load powered until switched off but provides the advantages of the soft start/soft stop technology.  Ideal for use with permanent infrared and quartz halogen heating in warehouses, factories, garages, etc.



Our 6kW Soft Start Timers are ideally suited to a number of applications, including retrofitting to existing equipment to achieve significant savings on energy usage and lamp replacement costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Pub and beer gardens
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Patio and gardens
  • Smoking shelters
  • Outdoor event heaters
  • Warehouse infrared halogen heaters
  • Workshops
  • Garages and hangers
  • Churches
  • Agriculture and stabling
  • Heater time lag control
* Based on typical usage estimates.