Case Study: Warwickshire County Council

Posted on 13th June 2011 by M.S. Electronics

Robust Range of Tamperproof Thermostats – Case Study – Council Properties

Warwickshire County Council have been using the MS Electronics range of Robust Thermostats for many years. They have had many successful outcomes over the years and their Senior Engineer, Alex Goode has provided the following case study to demonstrate how our thermostats contribute to the successful delivery of their controls programme.

The standard room thermostats we previously installed were generally controlled with open faced adjustable dials with wide proportional bands and were subject to unauthorised adjustment. They controlled the fans on forced draught heating fan convectors sited in Classrooms, Assembly Halls, etc. Due to the above, the temperature within the rooms fluctuated either too hot or, too cold.

The E814 room thermostats are installed to provide a closer temperature control for the rooms and remove the interference element. The MSE Robust Thermostats also have a switch with LED indication, allowing the unit to be switched off and then reset back to normal operation to suit the room user. An additional benefit of the E814 is the inbuilt automatic reset function. The unit will automatically reset to ‘on’ after approximately 8 hours in the ‘off’ mode which ensures that the associated heater will switch on the following day.

Only authorised persons can access the E814 Thermostats using a special tool to remove the cover plate to adjust the set points, which provides a more comfortable controlled environment when preset to a constant setpoint.

The MS Electronics thermostats provide a reliable long lasting operation and retain their calibration. We have E814′s that have been installed for 15 years which are still providing reliable service. In addition the vandal proof housing has proved to be first class.

As a close temperature control, tamperproof/vandal proof, electronic thermostat I haven’t found any equal to it and would certainly recommend it for use where this criteria is an issue.
Alex Goode IEng.IMIET, Principal Mechanical Engineer – Warwickshire County Council

While Warwickshire County Council have not conducted specific financial calculations to demonstrate the specific energy savings, or pay back periods deliverd by installing the MSE thermostats they assert that the installation of these units removes inefficient temperature control from the room users who, form their experience, without this tamperproof functionality would sporadically adjust to high temperatures and then regulate the temperature through ventilation, i.e. by opening windows.

Warwickshire County Council continues to reduce their environmental impact and energy bills throughout their Council Properties by installing MSE Robust Tamperproof Thermostats in key locations.

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