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Time Delay Switches

the perfect partner for reducing the energy consumption of heating, lighting and ventilation


Time Delay Switches (also known as ‘Time Lag Switches’) are a quick, effective and low cost solution for reducing the energy consumption of lighting, heating and ventilation.


How do they work?

Time Lag Switches are extremely user friendly.  At the point of installation a ‘Time Delay’ period is selected, this is the duration you require the load to be on for before it automatically turns off.  When the touch sensitive button is pressed the load is switched on and, after the pre-determined time period elapses, the load is automatically switched off.  If additional time is required the touch sensitive button can be pressed at any time and the time delay period resets.


What is a Typical Application for Time Delay Switches?

Time delay switches can be used for Lighting to replace existing light switches to introduce additional control and efficiencies.  There are a variety of Heating applications where the Time Delay Switches control the on time duration of specific heat sources, for example towel rails.  Time Delay Switches are also ideal for use with Ventilation to control air-conditioning, or dehumidifiers.


Where can you use a Time Delay Switch?






What is the capital investment?

Time Delay Switches range from £12.50 for a standard switch up to £30 for a waterproof switch.


How long is the payback period?

This is very much dependent upon your application and usage.  The average payback period is 12 months.



  • Easy to install – direct replacement for existing light switches
  • Ideal for new and retrofit application
  • Low capital investment and short payback period
  • Simple to operate
  • No maintenance costs


Key Features

  • 2-wire variants of the TDS do not require a mains neutral connection and so can be used as a drop-in replacement to most light switches
  • The time lag switches are multi-way – all models can act as 1 way, 2 way or intermediate switches.
  • Used with a variety of lighting – fluorescent, compact fluorescent, incandescent loads
  • Tamperproof – the touch sensitive button ensures that the switch cannot be wedged down to keep the load switched on continuously.
  • Selectable time delay – anywhere between 12 seconds and 120 minutes
  • Weatherproof variants can be installed outdoors for control of external lighting.


MS Electronics TDS range

These TDS variants do not require a mains Neutral connection and so can directly replace an existing light switch (providing the minimum load limit is satisfied).

The 3-wire switch requires a Neutral and Live connection (but does not require a minimum load to be connected) and can be used either to replace an existing light switch, or on new installations.



LED indicator
The TDS touch sensitive buttons have an integral LED to ensure that they are easily located in the dark. The LED turns off when the load is turned on.





Pull Cord
Timed control for lighting, heating and ventilation loads in areas where standard electrical switches are not permitted or unsuitable.





IP65 Weatherproof
Will switch on external lighting and heating at the press of a button and automatically off after a pre-determined duration has elapsed.  IP65 rated and fully protected against harsh weather environments when mounted outside. An illuminated pushbutton is provided as standard to ensure that the unit can be easily located in the dark.




Multi-way switching
Low cost slave units which provide additional touch-sensitive pushbuttons to act as multi-way or intermediate switches