About us

We at MS Electronics are driven to design and manufacture innovative, high quality and reliable energy saving controls to efficiently and effectively manage energy use for the benefit of the environment, to reduce your carbon footprint, to secure you lower energy bills and to equip you with better efficiencies to control your energy usage.

Through these high quality products, broad technical knowledge and high levels of customer service we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers today, tomorrow and in the future.

We design and manufacture all our products on-site in Essex to the highest of standards and are so confident in the reliability of our products that we provide a free 3 year guarantee on all products (with the exception of products containing batteries).  With our own in-house design team we can be very flexible and responsive to your individual requirements through our bespoke design and customisation services. Our Technical Support team have a wealth of experience that you can freely access to provide support at the early stages of your project right through to installation and commissioning. Email them directly at techsupport[at]mselectronics[dot]co[dot]uk or by contacting the office on 0333 666 1176.

Here at MS Electronics we are very passionate about our community work and it is at the heart of what we do. We want not only to create controls that manage the consumption of energy, but to challenge the way we all consume energy by providing our customers and the wider community with knowledge which fosters understanding and stimulates action to reduce our energy consumption.